worried about fleas

Worried About Dog Fleas

One of the problems with moving into a new home where dogs or cats have lived before is that any flea eggs in the carpet can all activate together as soon as you move in causing a severe problem.

Your once clean pooch can and will easily pick these up and they are a real pain for everyone involved.

Fleas and other parasites need to be given always a priority by the dog owners. The common incidences of flea bite allergy in case of dogs cause worries among the dog owners. Flea bite induces allergic reactions in the concerned area bitten by the fleas.

Hence, the affected area looks like hairless area and the animal starts scratching.

Fleas cause severe dermatitis in dogs with severe flea infestations. Many times, the flea bite causes allergic reactions in the dogs. In many occasions, dogs experience severe discomforts due to these allergic reactions.

Medicated collars are available to treat and prevent the infestation with external parasites like ticks or fleas.

Other parasites like ticks, lice in addition to the internal parasites like hook worms, round worms, whip worms etc. cause affections in the health status of the animal. For example, if hookworm affects the animal, most of the times, the dog has anemia.

The anemic signs become more prominent depending on the degree of affection by the hookworm.

Hookworm larvae can pass directly through the skin and cause problems in the affected ones. Such dogs may reveal lesions pertaining to the dermatitis in the feet region and in the skin areas.

Skin rashes may be seen frequently in such cases and the affected animal passes loose stool, which is of red tinged and mixed with blood material.

If the round worms are seen in more numbers, the affected puppies reveal a potbelly condition, which is easily recognized by the dog owners themselves.

Piperazine salts are given by oral route for the treatment of this problem.

However, broad-spectrum anthelmintics like pyrantel pamoate, fenbendazole etc. are given to treat these conditions.

Many drugs have come in market to treat the fleas and other parasites. Nowadays, the medical agent called as ivermectin is highly preferred by many dog owners to treat the fleas and other parasites in dogs.

This drug is available in injection form and oral form. Even the drug is available for the external application also.

Make sure that you also treat your house for fleas to get rid of any eggs otherwise your pet is at risk of getting them back again. A product that has been well received is Virbac Knockout Spray.

This spray can be sprayed on carpets, flooring and skirting boards and it kills fleas, eggs and larvae.

Keep on top of the general cleanliness of the home you share with your pet and you both be itch and scratch free.