Washing Your Dog

Washing a dog is something that you need to do for your trusted pet. We all know that they love to roll around in mud and other things and it’s important to keep an eye on their coat for any nasties like ticks after they have rambled through the mud, water and undergrowth.

That said, sometimes our pooches can develop body odour  that can be quite pungent and this can be caused by a low grade skin infection.

You will find that generally, dogs that have this condition often have greasy skin along with, in some cases, crusting and reddening of their skin.

This inflammation can be treated with anti-biotics to reduce this and also a specific anti-yeast shampoo will be needed if it turns out that the condition is being caused by a yeast infection.

If skin infection are an issue, then this often is telling us that there is an underlying condition and the bacteria is naturally forming as a result.

Giving your dog an essential fatty acid supplement can help improve the skin barrier function, but you will need to find out if there is an underlying cause.

The condition of your dogs skin and coat will be dramatically reduced if you don’t use the appropriate dog shampoos and using anything that we humans use is a definite NO.

Check out our best shampoo for dogs range and also if you think that washing your dog just isn’t going to solve the smell, then a trip to the vets is essential.