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Top 10 Things That Dogs Hate!

Top 10 things that dogs hate!


These are some very easy to avoid pitfalls when considering being a dog owner. We do our best but sometimes we get it wrong so try to think like a dog and you will be well on your way to getting the best from your relationship.


10) Nail clippers

You need to know what you’re doing if you take it upon yourself to clip your dog’s claws! Even vets can find it challenging, as if you cut too close to the quick, listen out for the “yelp” and drops of blood will flow!

A necessary job to keep those nails short and trim; try to have someone to help you hold your dog still and just take care with this important job!

9) Medicine

Well, understandable, isn’t it? None of us particularly enjoy taking medicine and our dogs are no different. Just ensure to enclose that pill in a tasty bit of meat and apply any drops quickly and efficiently!


8) Car rides

Some dogs may dislike being in the car, so try to keep trips to a minimum initially and build up to longer journeys. Make sure space is comfortable and clean, with water available and NEVER leave your dog cooped up in a car without any ventilation nor for any long periods of time.


7) Crazy kids

Let’s face it, kids CAN be irritating, can’t they? Your dog deserves to feel safe and relaxed in a quiet environment, especially being very sensitive to noise.

Excitable, loud children and dogs are potentially not a good mix; keep the dog isolated in a controlled environment if children are around, at least until you feel the dog has become accustomed to them.


6) Vet’s trips and injections

Who likes going to the doctors? Well, it’s the same for our dogs; fear of the unknown and not feeling in control! Try to make the trip as purposeful as possible, with nice, relaxing music en route and a little treat for afterward – well done, boy!

5) Bath-time

It’s much more fun to get dirty in the mud than facing the clean-up afterward!

Dogs may not like the bath itself, being slippery and how to cope with all those suds!

Take extra care to not get dogs shampoo and suds in their ears and eyes and keep the washing as quick and efficient as possible, with a nice, fluffy towel to dry off!

4) You haven’t kept your promise!

“I was really looking forward to a nice walk together” or
“What happened to that treat you promised me for being so good?”

Disappointing our dogs is perhaps something we don’t do intentionally; we may forget or be busy doing something else.

However, in order for our dogs to put their trust in us and build a good relationship with us, it is perhaps THE most crucial thing to do; to be consistent and keep our promises to them.

3) Don’t tease me – I DON’T LIKE IT!!

“Tapping me on the head, pulling my tail  or pretending you have my favorite treat in your closed palm and, hey presto, it’s empty – all are NOT funny!”

These things just make your dog confused and probably cross; why should they put their trust in you again?

2) Home alone

It depends on you, your dog and the relationship you have built up over time but, generally speaking, dogs do not like being left alone at home!

Think about why you got a dog in the first place; companionship, friendship, lots of healthy walks; so what’s changed and why would you want to leave them alone?

Hopefully, you will have thought about these things before getting a dog, so you will not have to leave them alone any longer than absolutely necessary.

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And, at number 1):

1) Contradicting commands

Similar to not keeping your promise but even more confusing and upsetting for your dog; accepting behavior one minute and disciplining them for it the next!

Set some ground rules and stick to them, so that both you and your dog know what is good and unacceptable behavior.

Your future together will unfold bright and clear!