bald kid - Sidney's Latest News #Week 4

Sidney’s Latest News #Week 4

Weekly update……

Sidney The Cat

Hey gang, your feline friend again and what a week it’s been!

Mrs.S has been fussing around me like mad:

Oh, my sweet little pumpkin, Mummy wants you to stay in; there are terrible hurricanes blowing out there….”

.I mean, honestly, I’ve been around the block a bit in my time, I know all about gale force winds, torrential rain and the like;

I usually like to just sit it out in my favourite bush….

download - Sidney's Latest News #Week 4. me out hunting……watch out!

However, on this occasion, I must admit I was quite glad to cosy up in the warm in front of a glowing fire, especially as Mrs.S felt sorry for me having to stay in (she is SUCH a pushover!) and indulged me in my favourite fish supper!

So, it’s been a pretty quiet time for me, nothing in particular to report, until, oh yeah, Mr.S started talking about a “new addition” to our little family, dunno what that means

(i.e. how it’s gonna affect me, which is what I’m interested in, after all), so more on that next week – hasta la vista, amigos!

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P.S. –not sure how big they are- generally speaking…..