Sidney The Cat

Sidney The Cat’s Weekly News Week 3

Weekly update……

Honestly, if it’s not one thing, then it’s another!!

What a week, eh, folks!

Chased off all those bugs, thank goodness, and my coat is gleaming.

Been out a fair bit at night; the full moon has helped “illuminate” all sorts of goodies in the garden and beyond…..

TMtR7Y+FGYjU9gj27RM9cGov0OyD16rDh65tpAhHqi9uixduiZq0ePHuuHnrk2Exs89tyPiPVI8f9cy6of4sR1+gAAAABJRU5ErkJggg== - Sidney The Cat's Weekly News Week 3 (…..looked just like that before I swiped him off his perch, ha-ha!! And you thought us cats were cute and cuddly – not in his book!)

Anyhow, Mrs.S is starting to fret about “Guy Forks”, or summat’ like that.

I don’t know what on earth she’s on about but she reckons I’ll need something to calm me down (like I’m stressed -honestly, I’m the coolest feline I know around this neighbourhood!)

She’s been out spending again and been plugging in this wafty, hippy-kinda stuff;

check it out:9k= - Sidney The Cat's Weekly News Week 3

It emits (think that’s the word she used, telling the neighbour about it) this relaxing scent, quite nice, actually, but is there really any need to put one right in the doorway, just where I leave her my little gifts?

6FoAAAAASUVORK5CYII= - Sidney The Cat's Weekly News Week 3

PS: only managed a real small one last night… that stuff is calming me right down, stopping me from catching the big, wily ones!!!

I reckon it’s chillin’ her out too – she’s been wondering around in her kaftan……… ………listening to her 60’s records

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