Sidney The Cat

Sidney The Cat’s Weekly News #2

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Weekly update……week 2.

Well, after a few days indoors (hate that rain!) I went out into the fields opposite our pad…. some great hunting territory, the local felines have been telling me.

I just ain’t had the chance to explore, so I couldn’t wait to go further afield. ‘Course, Mrs.S was panicking like mad when I was late home for supper……she’s kind-hearted, like, but doesn’t half fuss.

Anyway, she’d bought me some yummy fish fillet from the local fish market (sometimes I’ve loitered around there for scraps, tho’ it’s a bit far from home), so I lapped that up – very nice, thank you!

So, Mrs.S had me on her lap that evening (I let her “pet” me occasionally, as she’s giving me good board and lodging, thought it the least I could do, really), when, all of a sudden, she lets out a yelp, like that horrid dog next door (can’t STAND him!), ‘cos she reckons she’s found a little bug on my fur; called it a flea, I think…

…….3 hours later, down at the vet’s (told you she panics over the slightest thing, didn’t I?) and this man in his fancy white coat (got a bit of a bob on himself – coming out with all these fancy words, like “irritation” and “topical treatment”) gets Mrs.S to buy this powder, “Advantage” (there was another one called “Frontline”, but Mrs.S preferred the box on the other brand – honestly, I ask you, like THAT matters!)

Now I’m looking like it’s been snowing outside, covered in the stuff!

Gonna’ cost her a fortune, if she keeps applying it so thickly, he clearly said “just a light dusting”, but I reckon’ it’s ‘cos Mrs.S is so house-proud, she doesn’t want these “fleas” jumping about the place (and she’s been avoiding the neighbours, embarrassed by me, eh? She should see some of that dog’s disgusting habits!)

I’ll keep you posted on the de-bugging; no way am I going back down to “the man in the white coat” unless one of my paws is hanging off!

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p.s …..sure it’s not this big, but feels like it when it’s in my ear!