Sidney The Cat

Sidney The Cat: A Unique Insight To The Mind Of A Cat

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Hi everyone, I’m Sidney, just dropping in to let you know about a cool place I’ve just landed in!

It’s kinda big, polished floors (in case I have a little accident in the night – so Mrs. S can clean it up for me) and a really neat striped sofa I can stretch out on, when I wanna catch up on some zeds….zzzzz, yawn…!

I do like my rest, sleep quite a bit in the day so I can be active when the lights go down……..

Anyways, the food’s pretty good too; Mrs.S is always on about “vitamin A this and vitamin D that”, apparently, they’re good for my coat and also help me to see well in the dark (you know, for when I’m out “hunting”, as you do!)

She usually serves up a nice bit of flaked fish; doesn’t have to cost her a lot (coley, pollack), sometimes bulked out with some plain rice – real yummy!

The other thing is, not a bad neighbourhood, you know, no-one bothers me too much, which I like.

Humans think we like a lot of company and cuddles, but, to be honest, I prefer my own space, peace and quiet and just turn up when I’m hungry and want a bit of home comforts.

Don’t mind her stroking me, but not when I’m dog (sorry, cat) tired and wanna sleep.

Same when I’m out “hunting” – hate being interrupted by one of my kind; I’ll only want to fight for what’s rightly mine (nice tasty bird, mouse, you name it, as long as it’s small and meaty enough, I’ll hunt it down!)

No matter how comfy it is at home and endless supply of food, it’s still great fun to turn up with “a catch” and leave it on the mat for her indoors to find – love it when she shouts at me, as I must be doing something right!

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