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How to maintain your cat’s health

A healthy cat will mean a happy pet and a happy owner, making the time you spend together enjoyable and relaxing!

By maintaining a healthy diet for your cat, with good food, fresh water and a warm, comfortable place to sleep, you will be meeting the basic yet essential requirements for your cat’s well-being.

What things constitute a healthy diet?

Well, it is always a sensible precaution to buy the best food you can afford, a recognizable brand of “wet” cat food, bought in pouches, with a small bowl of dry mix or cat biscuits for good variety.

Ensure there is always plenty of clean water provided and feed your cat this full meal once a day to maintain a healthy weight.

Of course, if you are feeling particularly generous or it is a special occasion, like your cat’s birthday, you could supplement this with a nice piece of fresh fish – watch your furry friend lap this up in no time!

He, or she, will be purring around your legs and up on your lap in appreciation!

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What should I give my cat to drink?

Due to expressions such as ” a cat that’s got the cream”, we think that we should be giving milk (or cream!) as a suitable beverage for our cats.

It may be better to simply give them fresh, clean water. Remember that many people are lactose-intolerant and it is possible that some cats may find the lactose in milk difficult to digest too.

Don’t worry that your cat will miss out on the nutrients, as these should be supplemented in the cat food you provide.

Where should my cat sleep?

Well, it’s your house, though it may not always seem that way, as pets do like to make themselves “at home” and it can sometimes feel like they’re taking over!

It’s entirely up to you whether you allow your pet on the furniture, but a nice, warm area to sleep is perfectly adequate for your cat!

It may be that your cat is a night creature, so is out and about and sleeps indoors during the day.

There is a wide variety of comfy cat beds, padded and with washable covers, which you could buy as a designated place for it to bed down!

So, you have done all you can to keep your cat healthy and happy.
That said, there may be occasions when, for whatever reason, your cat becomes unwell.

This could be due to an external cause, such as ringworm, a fungal-type infection, or hookworm, which is a larvae or parasite that lives in the gut.

Other common ailments are cat ‘flu, coughing and vomiting.

The latter could be due to something it has eaten, especially furballs, as cats are frequently preening and licking themselves, which leads to a build-up of fur which they cannot swallow and thus bring up.

How can you tell if your cat is feeling unwell?

Look for any changes in behaviour, such as sleeping more, being sluggish or lacking in energy, loss of appetite, together with visible signs such as a lack-luster coat or fur-loss.

It can be difficult to handle an unwell cat, to try to take its temperature or check its eyes and teeth for any tell-tale signs, so it is advisable to take it to the vet.

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What can I expect from a visit to the vet?

Please do not be put off by the cost of a visit to the vet as, in the long term, far better to treat a mild illness than leaving it to get worse, as you may then be facing a very large bill or, even worse, having to have your pet put down.

If you catch an illness early enough, your vet should be able to offer professional advice to put your cat back on the road to recovery.

The aforementioned ailments and illnesses (ringworm, flu’, vomiting etc) should be treatable.

However, there are some serious conditions, such as feline distemper, leukemia, and rabies, so do check with your vet about effective vaccinations against such diseases and make sure these are kept up to date.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you should enjoy many healthy and happy years with your cat!