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Dogs need different diets at different ages

As a dog gets older you will notice that their diet will change.

This is a real thing folks and something that we as dog owners should be aware about.

Puppies eat a whole range of food that an older dog may not be interested in as it is not tasty enough or they are not getting the right nutrients.

In fact, it can sometimes be too rich for an older dogs stomach to cope with.

So, we have to observe the differences in diet and give our dogs the correct food that is appropriate for their age and needs.

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For instance, a puppy will need more protein and fat and carbohydrate based food than an older dog.

A Puppy would need a far more smaller portion and frequent feeding schedule than say an older dog as well.

Puppies expel higher amounts of energy so generally they are hungrier more hence the feeding schedule has to reflect this.

An older dog really doesn’t require high protein food and the protein that an older dog gets in their diet has to be specific and correct for that particular dog in order for it to digest it easily and not cause any side effects.

Any diet for either a puppy or an older dog needs to have the ample amount of water to aid digestion and hydration.

The real worry of feeding an older dog a high protein diet is that it can cause renal problems and ultimately cause liver disease as the burden of the protein is simply too much for the dogs structure to deal with.

As dogs get older, like us humans, their immune system takes a knock. An older dog may not require or indeed want to have quite as much exercise as it once did, so continually giving them a high protein diet is a bit like over filling your car with fuel.

There are dire consequences. If your dog is pregnant, over feeding her can be very hazardous as it can cause serious discomfort to the animal.

The “she is eating for two” scenario simply does not apply to dogs.

A pregnant dog will need a different diet that deliver a balanced type of nutrition and proper supplements including minerals and vitamins to help her deliver healthy puppies.

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Calcium rich supplements are essential to your dog when she is pregnant and also after when she is feeding her pups as this will make sure the bones of her puppies will be strong and do not suffer from curving.