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7 Basic Dog Care Tips For New Owners

Basic essentials when you get a dog for the first time.

For some owners, having a dog as a pet is similar to having a child although physically there is really no comparison, but emotionally,this really is the case, as dogs are feeling creatures and thus deserve care and love too.

When you are taking care of a dog for the first time, you need to be aware of some very basic essentials.

We have put together some dog care basics that will help you in essence, to start off the right way.

Thus, in the quest to be a good and caring owner, the owner should be able to perform some very basic actions that showcase this caring attitude, which will be well received and enjoyed
by the pet.

These 7 basic dog care tips are not hard to follow and this is assuming you are a new owner.

Perhaps the first act of caring as an owner would be to provide the dog with a proper collar, preferably with the dog name and address clearly depicted on the collar.

  1. The collar chosen should be one that is safe and functional to ensure the dog is not undue stress when using it.
  2. Bathing the dog regularly is also important. The frequency of the baths should be according to the lifestyle the dog keeps, and if unsure, the owner should seek the advice of a good vet.Bathing too frequently or infrequently enough, could have adverse results, such as skin problems, lack luster coat and hair fall or fur loss.
  3. Designing a diet plan that is well rounded and complete is also another important point that should be looked into when trying to provide basic care for the dog.
  4. Improper diet plans can eventually end up costing the owner more, when there is a necessity to visit the vet often. A sick dog is often very unsettling and worrisome for the owner and certainly unpleasant for the dog too.
  5. Providing the dog with the chance to exercise regularly is also another important basic requirement in caring for the pet.
  6. Get your dog Micro-chipped. Again, this is something your vet can advise on
  7. Get your dog insured.

The anxiety of a new dog in a new home can be a very worrying time for all parties involved.

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Dogs are natural pack animals so they will need to learn early on where they fit in your family.

This can be avoided if you take the time to learn to ask the right questions and if in doubt, get a second opinion on training from experts and also nutrition and general health issues from your vet.
It’s always best to check and double check after all you want to take care of your new friend.

In order to care for a dog well, there are just some of the elements that need to be considered and provided for at all times.
This will ensure that the dog is happy and well looked after and the owner is saddled with less dog related problems.

The following are some of the essential items that would be ideal to have for the comforts of the dog:

Dog food 

some people make it a habit to give the dog table scraps and leftover food, this is really not good for the dog.
A dog’s digestive system is different from that of a human, thus it requires a different diet plan.

Ensuring the dog has proper food to eat that is specifically designed for animal consumption is better for the dog’s health and the owner’s wallet in the long run.

Providing proper food containers, which the dog identifies as its own, is also important. This will help the animal to identify the food in it, as its own, and therefore be trained not to touch other food items, unless specifically allowed to do so.

Grooming tools are also among the items that should be part of the caring kit for the dog.

This is especially essential if the breed of the dog requires frequent grooming sessions.
Having items such as brushes, nail clippers, wipes, fur clippers, shampoos and conditioners are all part of the normal regimen of grooming tools for a dog.

Chew toys are also items to be included in the list, as these will keep the dog distracted and less likely to resort to destroying the owner’s things in the quest to satisfy its natural instinct to chew on anything and everything.

It also helps to keep their teeth clean and alleviate any discomfort from teething problems.

If you get these first essentials right, then you are well on your way to becoming a great dog owner.

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Remember, they are YOUR responsibility and they need you to be on your game at all times. If you do this right, the love and affection your dog will give you back will easily exceed 10 fold what ever you give them.

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