12 Signs Your Dog Loves You

1) Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!

Have you noticed how, when you first get your dog, it may look away and not hold your gaze? Don’t worry, it’s all a matter of trust; once you’ve been together a little while and your dog has got used to you, it will look you in the eye.

This is a sign that your dog not only trusts you but likes looking at you; ‘cos he loves you!

2) Whose bed is this, for goodness sake?

Once you’ve become accustomed to each other, your dog will most likely jump up onto your bed and snuggle down. Admittedly, they’ll love the warmth and comfort this provides but it’s also a sign that they love YOU!

3) Can I get on your lap, please?

However big your dog, it will try to sit on your lap and will eventually realise that it’s too big, then curl round and settle down next to you.

4) Look at my lovely tummy!

A totally relaxed and happy dog will roll onto its back, legs akimbo and show you its belly!

5) Let’s get moving!

So your dog has had its sleep, now it’s time to play! Your resting dog will surprise you by suddenly leaping into action, stretching out, jumping from side to side or spinning around virtually on the spot – and that’s just indoor play!

Once outside, it may chase a ball and fetch from the field or river; all signs of play and devoted love for you!

6) Tired now, can we go home?

After all that exercise, your dog will like nothing more than to cuddle into you, as closely as possible of course!

7) Don’t move, I’m comfortable!

Of course, you might have things to do, so once you get up, your faithful friend will want to follow you around the house or garden and get into everything you’re doing!

8) Where are you going? When are you coming back?

This may be for a moment (a bathroom visit!) but your dog will be so pleased and excited when you return, even after a short time apart, ‘cos it loves to be near you!

9) Wag, wag, wag!

This excitement will manifest itself physically in much tail wagging if you’re near your dog!

10) Do you have to go out shopping/working/socializing without me?

As you approach the homestead, your dog will sense your return, incredibly even from a short distance. The first thing it senses may be your car, as it has its own unique sound to your dog with its exceptional hearing.

Don’t be surprised to see your dog’s nose pressed up against the window in anticipation of your return; what a lovely welcome!

11) Let me get in the door, you cry!

As soon as you put the key in the lock get ready, your dog will no doubt be ready to jump up in greeting, so make sure you’re steady on your feet and have put your bags down in the porch! Then you can give your dog the full attention it deserves; after all, they have missed you!

12) and finally…. get ready for the licks!

Don’t believe me? Then take a look at this great video!

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